CodaBow - Joule
CodaBow Joule kr. 3.995,00

Their newest creation, the CodaBow Joule, has an exceptional balance and feel, quite light in the hand, and draws a great tone from both acoustic and electric violins -- it would be a really great bow for any violin, acoustic, electric, or extended-range. But if you play a five, six, or seven-string violin, or a "baritone" violin strung with octave strings, the Joule is the answer to your prayers. Gripping the octave C string and B-flat easily, the Joule makes getting a great, solid tone out of even the lowest string designed for violin easier than you could imagine. (For the record, we've not yet had opportunity to try the Joule on a violin-scale low E-flat string.)

The Joule weighs in around the 61-gram mark, but feels lighter in the hand, due its exceptional balance. The shape of the frog is quite elegant, with a distinctively different look that's pleasing to the eye. Fit and finish and overall build quality are near-flawless -- as we've come to expect from CodaBow.